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Today, Santorini is a major tourism hotspot in Europe. Thousands of people from all over the world flock to this island during the summer months to enjoy the mild Mediterranean weather and the Aegean sun. The physical beauty of the island and the ancient sites therein, such as the Minoan settlement at Akrotiri, also attract the crowds to visit it. Among the biggest villages on the island are Oia, Perissa, Kamari, Imerovigli, Emporio, Therasia and Pirgos. Fira, though, is the commercial and economic centre of Santorini. Fira is also the most cosmopolitan one, where restaurants, bars, cafes, and tavernas are plenty to fulfil all the different tastes of the visitors of Santorini. The nightlife on the island is truly vibrant. The people of Santorini, nonetheless, try to preserve their cultural heritage by staging folk festivals and other traditional activities and promoting it this way to the visitors of the island. While tourism is the biggest income-generating sector of Santorini’s economy, the islands also have a flourishing wine industry, which produces some exquisite wines. Santorini is breath-takingly beautiful, culturally rich and vibrantly alive. It is no wonder that people who visit the island of Santorini cannot help but fall in love […]

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Volcano & Hot springs Tour

The most important Santorini’s excursion is undoubtedly the one at the most popular volcano of our country. A very nice trip via traditional boat you can reach Nea Kameni, a small island made by lava, where you can walk at the edge of the still active volcano’s crater. The view, even the crater’s itself, is incredible. Add to this the cliffs of Caldera with Santorini’s villages hanging from their top, and you will be able for a while to understand the majesty of this experience. Moreover, a unique value of this excursion is the possibility to visit the Thermal Waters at Palaia Kameni and dive in its sulphide water or in the medicinal mud. During the excursion,there is time to visit the traditional beautiful little village of Thirassia and visit its wonderful little village Manwlas. You will have also the chance to enjoy one of the most staggering sunsets in Aegean, Oia’s sunset. We are not exaggerating: The witness is such, that when the sun goes down diving in the sea, the observers clap their hands Contact the reception department and get informed over: • the daily schedule of the excursion • the departure point • your transportation to and […]

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It is an archeological sight in a region which had been inhabited for over 1000 years and it is located in the southern-east of the island, in a rock with an altitude of 369 meters of Mesa Vouno, between the today’s settlements of Perisssa and Kamari. The settlement’s position is of strategic significance, and this had been realized by the Spartans residents in the beginning of 8th century B.C. The captain of the residents was Thiras, to whom it owes its today’s official name the island. For many years the settlement, the city-nation of Thira, was the island’s only urban centre, while after a lot of time there were created six smaller settlements. In Byzantine years was mainly used by the citizens of around places as a shelter against the pirates invasions. This reconstruction of the archeological that lasts a lot of years, has a result the destruction of the older settlements for the erection of new ones and so today, the existed findings are from the Hellenic and Roman era. A lot of the sight’s findings are exhibited in Fira’s Archaeological Museum. The visitor can easily understand the city’s organization and its citizen daily routine.

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Volcano Festival

“Volcanoes” Festival is celebrated, every August. The Volcano Festival took place on the Caldera. The event that everyone looks forward to and attracts a large crowd, with concerts, dancing performances, and the revival of the volcano explosion with many impressive fireworks.

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Akrotiri’s archeological sight.

Akrotiri is located at the Thira’s south coast and it is one of the most important prehistoric settlements of Aegean. Its inhabitance dates around Neolithic era. The settlement’s big extent, the artificially made drainage system, the multi-storey buildings with the wonderful wall paintings and the furniture, witness the settlement’s big development. Akrwtiri was often communicating with other important areas such as Crete, mainland Greece, Dodekanisa, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt. The earthquakes and the eruptions that followed the years after had as a result the settlement’s end, at the end of 17th century B.C. The lava from the eruption covered the whole island, just like it happened with Pompeii.

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