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Santorini Mesotopos

mesotopos hotel in santorini

Santorini Mesotopos is just a few minutes south of Fira, the capital of Santorini

Our hotel sits right in the middle of Santorini, and its location gives it the unique advantage of being only a short drive away from the most popular destinations on the island, including the port of Fira and the Santorini Airport.

Santorini Mesotopos is also a short walk away from the caldera itself; this means you can drink in the magnificence of the views there any time you want.

But beyond its strategic and convenient location (see Santorini map) is the unique quality of service offered at Mesotopos.

Santorini Mesotopos features apartments and studios that guarantee the comfort and cosiness of home. Peace and privacy is also an assurance. The crowning glory of our Santorini hotel is its kidney-shaped swimming pool with the jacuzzi, where you can lounge to your heart’s content (see Santorini Mesotopos photos).

One more offer to our guests is car, moto or atv rental in special discounted prices, as well as free parking.

In case of no on-line availability contact us directly (click here)!

mesotopos hotel santorini


Santorini Mesotopos, a cosy place for unforgettable holidays in Santorini

insidethe apartments of hotel mesotopos in santoriniSantorini is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. A group of islands surrounding a volcanic caldera, the only caldera in the world that opens to the sea, Santorini offers nothing but scenic views and majestic landscapes that can leave anyone breathless with its innate beauty and serene charm.

There is a lot about Santorini that can easily pique the interest of the visitor, no matter what it may be. Students of antiquity can find many things to be fascinated about in Santorini, particularly the excavations in Akrotiri. 

Lovers of nature will appreciate the dangerous loveliness presented by the volcano that formed the caldera of Santorini. Worshippers of the sun can bask in contentment on the sandy beaches of the islands. Children of the night will be enamoured by the vibrancy of the Santorini nightlife.

Santorini is the most exciting place that anyone can spend a holiday at on this side of Europe. It is no wonder that millions of tourists come to Santorini to sample is charms every year.

A holiday in Santorini can only get better if the room or apartment that the visitors would be staying in, offers only the best services that can ensure their comfort and enjoyment. If you are someone planning to visit Santorini and looking for a place to stay in on your holiday, you have come to the right place. 

Make the most of your holiday in Santorini by staying at Mesotopos in Santorini, one of the cosiest places on the island. Bask in the loveliness of Santorini’s islands and make each day full of enjoyment! mesotopos hotel in santorini mesotopos hotel in santorini


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